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Data protection statement


Scope of application

According to the Federal Data Protection Act, the data protection statement should inform the user of this website how and to what extent and purpose personal data are collected and used by the website owner:


Heusler Werthmüller Heitz AG
Bäumleingasse 22
4051 Basel
++41 061 511 43 43


The website owner/operator takes your privacy very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and in accordance with statutory provisions.

However, one must consider that data transmission on the Internet may contain deliberate security loopholes and that it is not possible to conceive a complete protection against access from unknown parties.


Contact data

Heusler Werthmüller Heitz AG
Bäumleingasse 22
4051 Basel
++41 061 511 43 43



Collection of personal details

  • Personal data” regroups all information pertaining to an individual, or at least related to a person, that allows conclusions to be drawn regarding their personality.

  • Important/Special: The IP address of the user must also be treated as “personal data”.

  • Special personal data”: Information pertaining to the ethnic and cultural origin of the user, to his religious, philosophical and political convictions, to information regarding his health, sexuality and trade-union affiliations. This data is especially sensitive and worthy of protection.

  • The concerned party has first and foremost the right to “Informational self-determination”. To store or process personal data is allowed only with the explicit consent of the concerned party.


Access data, purpose and goal of data storage

The website owner/operator, respectively the website provider, collects data on visits to the websites and stores them as “Server logfiles”. Depending on the website, this information can also be collected via a statistic software (for example Google Analytics or PIWIK). The following data is recorded this way:

  • Visited website
  • Time at the moment of access
  • Quantity of data sent, measured in bytes
  • Source/reference that lead you to the website
  • The browser that was used
  • The operating system that was used
  • The IP address that was used

The collected data is used only for statistical purposes and to improve the website. However, if concrete evidence indicates an unlawful use, the website owner reserves the right to subsequently review the server log files.


Processing of personal data

The web owner/operator collects, uses and transmits your personal data only within the scope of pertinent statutory provisions or the scope of data collection that you have specifically consented to.

Are considered “Personal data” any and all information that may be used to identify you as an individual and that may be traced back to you – for example your name, your e-mail address and/or telephone number.


Processing of contact data

If you contact the website operator via the proposed contact tools, your details will be stored in order to process your enquiry and send you a response. Your data cannot be transmitted to a third party without your explicit consent.


Processing of comments and contributions

Personalized enquiries via the contact form on the website or a written contribution are stored under your IP address. It protects the website operator: if your text infringes statutory provisions, your data can be traced back to you.



This website uses cookies. These are short text files, stored on your device. Your browser accesses these files. The use of cookies improves the user-friendliness and the security of the website.


Common browsers offer the option “Do not allow cookies”. Tip: If you install this option, you may not be able to access all functions of this website without encountering some restrictions.




You have the possibility to subscribe the whole website as well as the subsequent comments to your contribution. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your e-mail address. No other data will be collected. The stored data will not be transmitted to a third party. You can cancel your subscription at any moment.


Google Analytics

This website uses the service “Google Analytics”, proposed by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to analyze how visitors use the website. The service uses “cookies” short text files stored on your device. As a general rule, the information collected by the cookies is sent to a Google-server in the USA to be stored.


This website is equipped with IP anonymization. Within the limits of the EU member states and the European economic area, the IP address of the user is shortened to eliminate the personal connection to the aforementioned address. Under the terms of the agreement regarding the data processing concluded between the website operator and Google Inc., the collected information allows an evaluation of the website usage, the website activities and provides further services in connection with the Internet usage.


You have the possibility to prevent the storage of cookies on your device by selecting the relevant settings on your browser. There is however no guarantee that you will be able to access all functions of this website without restrictions when your browser does not authorize cookies.

Setting up a browser plug-in can prevent that the information collected via the cookies (your IP address included) is sent to and used by Google Inc.


The following link will take you to the relevant plug-in:

As an alternative, you can click on this link (IMPORTANT! Insert Opt-Out-Link) to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data pertaining to you on this website. When you click on the above-mentioned link, you will download a “Opt-Out-Cookie”. For this purpose, your browser must allow the storage of cookies. Delete your cookies regularly; you need to click on this link every time you visit this website.


You will find further information regarding the usage of data by Google Inc. here:


Usage of Social media plug-ins

This website uses Facebook Social Plugins, operated by Facebook Inc. (1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA). They are easily recognizable with reference to the Facebook logo, respectively the terms “Like”, “Share” in the Facebook colors (blue and white). You will find further information regarding all Facebook plug-ins with the following link:


The plug-in is a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. The website operator has no influence on the nature or the extent of the data transmitted by the plug-in to the Facebook Inc. server. You will get more information on this subject here:


The plug-in informs Facebook Inc. that you have accessed this website as a user. Your IP address may be stored. If, during the visit to this website, you are also logged-in on your Facebook account, the information will be linked to your account.

If you are using the plug-in function – just by «liking» a contribution – the related information will also be transmitted to Facebook Inc. If you want to prevent Facebook from linking this data with your Facebook account, do log out of Facebook before visiting this website.


This website uses also the «+1» function button from Google plus. It is operated by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA).

If you visit a web page that contains the function button «+1», there is a direct connection between your browser and the Google server. The website operator has no influence on the nature or the extent of the data transmitted by the plug-in to the Google Inc. server. If you click on the “+1” button during your connection on Google+, you communicate the content of the webpage to your public profile.


According to Google Inc., personal data is collected only if/when you click on the button. The Google users that are logged in will have their IP address (among other things) collected. If you want to prevent Google Inc. from linking this information with your account, do log out before visiting this website.

You will find further information regarding the «+1» button here:


This website uses also a Twitter button operated by Twitter Inc. (795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA). When you visit a webpage that contains such a button, there will be a direct connection between your browser and the Twitter server. The website operator has no influence on the nature or the extent of the data transmitted by the plug-in to the Twitter server. According to Twitter Inc., only your IP address will be collected and stored. You will find more information regarding the processing of personal data by Twitter Inc. here:


Newsletter subscription

The website operator proposes a Newsletter that will inform you over the actual events and special offers. If you want to subscribe to the Newsletter, you need to submit a valid e-mail address. This information will also be stored.


User’s rights: Access, correction and deletion

Upon request, as a user, you will receive, free of charge, information regarding the collection and storage of your personal data. Provided that your wish does not conflict with a statutory obligation for data retention (e.g. telecommunications data retention), you have the right to correct false data and/or block or delete your personal data.