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Outstanding achievements and extraordinary talents fascinate us. Our ambition is to work with people and to create an environment in which they can fully deploy their talents.





To launch a company, to steadily keep it on the right track, to develop it, to completely reorganize it or to implement changes needs courage, caution and vision. With our sound economic and legal knowledge, our broad experience in counseling and management boards and our numerous national and international contacts, we can help you meet these challenges. We will assume responsibility through board membership, when important decisions need to be made, we can propose the neutral point of view, we will offer open and independent input for discussions and provide the necessary flair during the negotiations in the best interest of our clients

You can count on our support in the following areas:

  • Appointments to Boards of Directors
  • Instruction functions
  • Access to our national and international network
  • Active participation and monitoring for projects such as succession planning
  • Structural and organization counseling




Talent alone does not lead to top athletic performances. To succeed in sports, personal commitment is not enough, you will need a functional environment, a “team” of people, joint efforts, realistic target setting and a sustainable performance and career planning. This is true for individual sports as well as for teams or whole clubs. Thanks to our wealth of activities and our network of contacts in the elite sport sector, we not only know the key players, but we also understand the importance that leadership, team building and team work will have on athletic performances. We know how to realize and to manage a success story.

We can help you in these areas:

  • Counseling of sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Counseling of sport coaches
  • Counseling of sport clubs
  • Appointments to executive committees of sports clubs, sports associations and sporting events
  • Mediation in disputes
  • Access to a global network


Baloise Session Das Boutiquefestival in BaselBaloise Session Das Boutiquefestival in BaselBaloise Session Das Boutiquefestival in Basel


To organize and to present a cultural event to a large audience is an art in itself. We are experienced in finding the equilibrium point in the delicate balancing act between artistic demands and economic reality, between enthusiastic applause and financial planning.

Let our advice inspire you in these areas:  

  • Economic efficiency counselling for cultural promoters 
  • Appointments to executive committees of events and festivals
  • Access to our important network especially in the music, the sponsoring and the gastronomy sectors




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